Wrap the given FlowFlow with a FlowFlow that will restart it when it fails using an exponential backoff. Notice that this FlowFlow will not restart on completion of the wrapped flow.

Error handling


def onFailuresWithBackoff[In, Out](minBackoff: FiniteDuration,maxBackoff: FiniteDuration,randomFactor: Double,maxRestarts: Int)(flowFactory: () => Flow[In, Out, _]): Flow[In, Out, NotUsed]


This FlowFlow will not emit any failure The failures by the wrapped FlowFlow will be handled by restarting the wrapping FlowFlow as long as maxRestarts is not reached. Any termination signals sent to this FlowFlow however will terminate the wrapped FlowFlow, if it’s running, and then the FlowFlow will be allowed to terminate without being restarted.

The restart process is inherently lossy, since there is no coordination between cancelling and the sending of messages. A termination signal from either end of the wrapped FlowFlow will cause the other end to be terminated, and any in transit messages will be lost. During backoff, this FlowFlow will backpressure.

This uses the same exponential backoff algorithm as BackoffBackoff.

Reactive Streams semantics

emits when the wrapped flow emits

backpressures during backoff and when the wrapped flow backpressures

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