Books and Videos


  • Akka Cookbook, by H├ęctor Veiga Ortiz & Piyush Mishra, PACKT Publishing, ISBN: 9781785288180, May 2017
  • Reactive Design Patterns, by Roland Kuhn with Jamie Allen and Brian Hanafee, Manning Publications Co., ISBN 9781617291807, Feb 2017
  • Mastering Akka, by Christian Baxter, PACKT Publishing, ISBN: 9781786465023, October 2016
  • Learning Akka, by Jason Goodwin, PACKT Publishing, ISBN: 9781784393007, December 2015
  • Akka in Action, by Raymond Roestenburg and Rob Bakker, Manning Publications Co., ISBN: 9781617291012, September 2016
  • Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model, by Vaughn Vernon, Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN: 0133846830, August 2015
  • Developing an Akka Edge, by Thomas Lockney and Raymond Tay, Bleeding Edge Press, ISBN: 9781939902054, April 2014
  • Effective Akka, by Jamie Allen, O’Reilly Media, ISBN: 1449360076, August 2013
  • Akka Concurrency, by Derek Wyatt, artima developer, ISBN: 0981531660, May 2013
  • Akka Essentials, by Munish K. Gupta, PACKT Publishing, ISBN: 1849518289, October 2012


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