Java Logging (JUL) - Version 2.4.20

Java Logging (JUL)

This extension module provides a logging backend which uses the java.util.logging (j.u.l) API to do the endpoint logging for akka.event.Logging.

Provided with this module is an implementation of akka.event.LoggingAdapter which is independent of any ActorSystem being in place. This means that j.u.l can be used as the backend, via the Akka Logging API, for both Actor and non-Actor codebases.

To enable j.u.l as the akka.event.Logging backend, use the following Akka config:

loggers = ["akka.contrib.jul.JavaLogger"]

To access the akka.event.Logging API from non-Actor code, mix in akka.contrib.jul.JavaLogging.

This module is preferred over SLF4J with its JDK14 backend, due to integration issues resulting in the incorrect handling of threadId, className and methodName.

This extension module was contributed by Sam Halliday.