Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

The Akka documentation uses reStructuredText as its markup language and is built using Sphinx.


For more details see The Sphinx Documentation


For more details see The reST Quickref


Section headings are very flexible in reST. We use the following convention in the Akka documentation:

  • # (over and under) for module headings
  • = for sections
  • - for subsections
  • ^ for subsubsections
  • ~ for subsubsubsections


Sections that may be cross-referenced across the documentation should be marked with a reference. To mark a section use .. _ref-name: before the section heading. The section can then be linked with :ref:`ref-name`. These are unique references across the entire documentation.

For example:

.. _akka-module:

 Akka Module

This is the module documentation.

.. _akka-section:

Akka Section

Akka Subsection

Here is a reference to "akka section": :ref:`akka-section` which will have the
name "Akka Section".

Build the documentation

First install Sphinx. See below.


For the html version of the docs:

sbt sphinx:generate-html

open <project-dir>/akka-docs/target/sphinx/html/index.html

For the pdf version of the docs:

sbt sphinx:generate-pdf

open <project-dir>/akka-docs/target/sphinx/latex/Akka.pdf

Installing Sphinx on OS X

Install Homebrew

Install Python and pip:

brew install python
/usr/local/share/python/easy_install pip

Add the Homebrew Python path to your $PATH:


More information in case of trouble:

Install sphinx:

pip install sphinx

Add sphinx_build to your $PATH:


Install BasicTeX package from:

Add texlive bin to $PATH:


Add missing tex packages:

sudo tlmgr update --self
sudo tlmgr install titlesec
sudo tlmgr install framed
sudo tlmgr install threeparttable
sudo tlmgr install wrapfig
sudo tlmgr install helvetic
sudo tlmgr install courier