External Sample Projects

External Sample Projects

Here are some external sample projects created by Akka’s users.

Camel in Action - Akka samples

Akka samples for the upcoming Camel in Action book by Martin Krasser. http://code.google.com/p/camelinaction/source/browse/trunk/appendixE/

CQRS impl using Scalaz and Akka

An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing. https://github.com/debasishg/cqrs-akka

Example of using Comet with Akka Mist


Movie store

Code for a book on Scala/Akka. Showcasing Remote Actors. http://github.com/obcode/moviestore_akka

Running Akka on Android

Sample showing Dining Philosophers running in UI on Android. https://github.com/gseitz/DiningAkkaDroids http://www.vimeo.com/20303656

Remote chat application using Java API


Remote chat application using Java API

A sample chat application using the Java API for Akka. Port of the Scala API chat sample application in the Akka repository. https://github.com/abramsm/akka_chat_java

Sample parallel computing with Akka and Scala API


Akka, Facebook Graph API, WebGL sample

Showcasing Akka Mist HTTP module https://github.com/buka/fbgl1

Another Akka Mist Sample


Bank application

Showcasing Transactors and STM. http://github.com/weiglewilczek/demo-akka

Ant simulation 1

Traveling salesman problem. Inspired by Clojure’s Ant demo. Uses SPDE for GUI. Idiomatic Scala/Akka code. Good example on how to use Actors and STM http://github.com/pvlugter/ants

Ant simulation 2

Traveling salesman problem. Close to straight port by Clojure’s Ant demo. Uses Swing for GUI. Another nice example on how to use Actors and STM http://github.com/azzoti/ScalaAkkaAnts

The santa clause STM example by SPJ using Akka


Akka Web (REST/Comet) template project

A sbt-based, scala Akka project that sets up a web project with REST and comet support http://github.com/mattbowen/akka-web-template

Various samples on how to use Akka

From the May Chciago-Area Scala Enthusiasts Meeting http://github.com/deanwampler/AkkaWebSampleExercise

Absurd concept for a ticket sales & inventory system, using Akka framework


Akka sports book sample: Java API


Sample of using the Finite State Machine (FSM) DSL


Akka REST, Jetty, SBT template project

Great starting point for building an Akka application. http://github.com/efleming969/akka-template-rest

A sample sbt setup for running the akka-sample-chat


Akka Benchmark project

Benches Akka against various other actors and concurrency tools http://github.com/akka/akka-bench

Typed Actor (Java API) sample project


Akka PI calculation sample project


Port of Jersey (JAX-RS) samples to Akka


Family web page build with Scala, Lift, Akka, Redis, and Facebook Connect


An example of queued computation tasks using Akka


The samples for the New York Scala Enthusiasts Meetup discussing Akka

http://www.meetup.com/New-York-Scala-Enthusiasts/calendar/12315985/ http://github.com/dwhitney/akka_meetup

Container managed thread pools for Akka Dispatchers


“Lock” Finite State Machine demo with Akka


Template w/ Intellij stuff for random akka playing around (with Bivvy)


Akka chat using Akka Java API by Mario Fusco


Projects using the removed Akka Persistence modules

Akka Persistence for Force.com