Articles & Presentations

Articles & Presentations


Scatter-Gather with Akka Dataflow

Actor-Based Continuations with Akka and Swarm

Mimicking Twitter Using an Akka-Based Event-Driven Architecture

Remote Actor Class Loading with Akka

Akka Producer Actors: New Features and Best Practices

Akka Consumer Actors: New Features and Best Practices

Compute Grid with Cloudy Akka

Clustered Actors with Cloudy Akka

Unit testing Akka Actors with the TestKit

Starting with Akka 1.0

Akka Does Async

CQRS with Akka actors and functional domain models

High Level Concurrency with JRuby and Akka Actors

Container-managed actor dispatchers

Even simpler scalability with Akka through RegistryActor

FSM in Akka (in Vietnamese)

Repeater and Idempotent Receiver implementation in Akka

EDA Akka as EventBus

Upgrading examples to Akka master (0.10) and Scala 2.8.0 Final

Testing Akka Remote Actor using Serializable.Protobuf

Flexible load balancing with Akka in Scala

Eventually everything, and actors

Join messages with Akka

Starting with Akka part 2, Intellij IDEA, Test Driven Development

Starting with Akka and Scala

PubSub using Redis and Akka Actors

Akka’s grown-up hump

Akka features for application integration

Load Balancing Actors with Work Stealing Techniques

Domain Services and Bounded Context using Akka - Part 2

Thinking Asynchronous - Domain Modeling using Akka Transactors - Part 1

Introducing Akka – Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors

Using Cassandra with Scala and Akka

No Comet, Hacking with WebSocket and Akka

MongoDB for Akka Persistence

Pluggable Persistent Transactors with Akka

Enterprise scala actors: introducing the Akka framework


Akka and Camel (appendix E of Camel in Action) Ett första steg i Scala (Kapitel “Aktörer och Akka”) (en. “A first step in Scala”, chapter “Actors and Akka”, book in Swedish)