Snapshot plugin

The snapshot plugin enables storing and loading snapshots for persistent actors in Spanner.


To activate the journal plugin, add the following line to your Akka application.conf:

akka.persistence.snapshot-store.plugin = "akka.persistence.spanner.snapshot"

The connection settings are shared with the journal plugin, see Journal Plugin for details.

See reference.conf for complete configuration option docs and defaults


The plugin will need a table defined like this:

sourceCREATE TABLE snapshots (
  persistence_id STRING(MAX) NOT NULL,
  sequence_nr INT64 NOT NULL,
  ser_id INT64 NOT NULL,
  ser_manifest STRING(MAX) NOT NULL,
  snapshot BYTES(MAX),
  meta BYTES(MAX),
  meta_ser_id INT64,
  meta_ser_manifest STRING(MAX),
) PRIMARY KEY (persistence_id, sequence_nr)


The snapshot plugin is used whenever a snapshot write is triggered through the Akka Persistence APIs

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