Query Plugin

It implements the following Persistence Queries:

  • eventsByPersistenceId, currentEventsByPersistenceId
  • eventsByTag, currentEventsByTag
  • persistenceIds, currentPersistenceIds

Accessing the PersistenceQuery for spanner:

sourceimport akka.persistence.query.PersistenceQuery;
import akka.persistence.spanner.javadsl.SpannerReadJournal;

SpannerReadJournal queries = PersistenceQuery.get(system).getReadJournalFor(SpannerReadJournal.class, SpannerReadJournal.Identifier());
sourceimport akka.persistence.query.PersistenceQuery
import akka.persistence.spanner.scaladsl.SpannerReadJournal

val queries = PersistenceQuery(system).readJournalFor[SpannerReadJournal](SpannerReadJournal.Identifier)


Query configuration is under akka.persistence.spanner.query. Here’s the default configuration values for the query plugin:

sourcequery {
  class = "akka.persistence.spanner.SpannerReadJournalProvider"

  # When live queries return no results. How often to poll Spanner for new
  # rows
  refresh-interval = 3s

The query plugin shares the same gRPC client and session pool as the rest of the plugin. See tuning the session pool for configuration.

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