Download Akka Modules

Download the full Akka Modules distribution from https://akka.io/downloads

Build latest version from source

To build the latest version see Building Akka Modules.

Run the microkernel

To start the kernel use the scripts in the bin directory.

All services are configured in the config/akka.conf configuration file. See the Akka documentation on Configuration for more details. Services you want to be started up automatically should be listed in the list of boot classes in the configuration.

Put your application in the deploy directory.

Akka Home

Note that the microkernel needs to know where the Akka home is (the base directory of the microkernel). The above scripts do this for you. Otherwise, you can set Akka home by:

  • Specifying the AKKA_HOME environment variable
  • Specifying the -Dakka.home java option

Hello Microkernel

There is a very simple Akka Mist sample project included in the microkernel deploy directory. Start the microkernel with the start script and then go to http://localhost:9998 to say Hello to the microkernel.