package dynamodb

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AwsClientSettings extends AnyRef
  2. abstract class AwsOp extends AnyRef

    Provide conversion and marshalling for com.amazonaws.AmazonWebServiceRequest.

  3. abstract class AwsPagedOp extends AwsOp
  4. final class DynamoClient extends AnyRef

    Holds an instance of DynamoClientImpl.

    Holds an instance of DynamoClientImpl. This is usually created and managed by an extension, but could be manually managed by a user as well.

  5. final class DynamoClientExt extends Extension

    Manages one DynamoClient per ActorSystem.

  6. final class DynamoSettings extends AwsClientSettings

Value Members

  1. object AwsOp extends DynamoProtocol
  2. object AwsPagedOp extends DynamoProtocol
  3. object DynamoAttributes

    Akka Stream attributes that are used when materializing DynamoDb stream blueprints.

  4. object DynamoClient
  5. object DynamoClientExt extends ExtensionId[DynamoClientExt] with ExtensionIdProvider
  6. object DynamoSettings