package s3

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class ApiVersion extends AnyRef
  2. sealed trait BufferType extends AnyRef
  3. final class DiskBufferType extends BufferType
  4. final class ListBucketResultContents extends AnyRef

  5. final class MetaHeaders extends AnyRef
  6. final class MultipartUploadResult extends AnyRef
  7. final class ObjectMetadata extends AnyRef

    Modelled after

  8. final class Proxy extends AnyRef
  9. class S3Exception extends RuntimeException
  10. final class S3Ext extends Extension

    Manages one S3Settings per ActorSystem.

  11. final class S3Headers extends AnyRef

    Container for headers used in s3 uploads like acl, storage class, metadata, server side encryption or custom headers for more advanced use cases.

  12. final class S3Settings extends AnyRef
  13. final class S3SettingsPath extends Attribute
  14. final class S3SettingsValue extends Attribute

Value Members

  1. object ApiVersion
  2. object DiskBufferType extends Product with Serializable
  3. object ListBucketResultContents
  4. object MemoryBufferType extends BufferType with Product with Serializable
  5. object MetaHeaders
  6. object MultipartUploadResult
  7. object ObjectMetadata
  8. object Proxy
  9. object S3Attributes

    Akka Stream attributes that are used when materializing S3 stream blueprints.

  10. object S3Ext extends ExtensionId[S3Ext] with ExtensionIdProvider
  11. object S3Headers

    Convenience apply methods for creation of canned acl, meta, storage class or custom headers.

  12. object S3Settings
  13. object S3SettingsPath
  14. object S3SettingsValue