package javadsl

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Type Members

  1. class EventFilter extends AnyRef
  2. class TestKit extends AnyRef

    Java API: Test kit for testing actors.

    Java API: Test kit for testing actors. Inheriting from this class enables reception of replies from actors, which are queued by an internal actor and can be examined using the expectMsg... methods. Assertions and bounds concerning timing are available in the form of Within blocks.

    Beware of two points:

    • the ActorSystem passed into the constructor needs to be shutdown, otherwise thread pools and memory will be leaked - this trait is not thread-safe (only one actor with one queue, one stack of Within blocks); take care not to run tests within a single test class instance in parallel.
    • It should be noted that for CI servers and the like all maximum Durations are scaled using the dilated method, which uses the TestKitExtension.Settings.TestTimeFactor settable via akka.conf entry "akka.test.timefactor".

Value Members

  1. object TestKit