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Type Members

  1. trait Aggregator extends AnyRef

    The aggregator is to be mixed into an actor for the aggregator behavior.

  2. class ClusterClient extends Actor with Stash with ActorLogging

    This actor is intended to be used on an external node that is not member of the cluster.

  3. class ClusterReceptionist extends Actor with ActorLogging

    ClusterClient connects to this actor to retrieve.

  4. class ClusterReceptionistExtension extends Extension

  5. class ClusterSharding extends Extension

  6. class ClusterSingletonManager extends Actor with FSM[State, Data]

    Manages singleton actor instance among all cluster nodes or a group of nodes tagged with a specific role.

  7. class ClusterSingletonManagerIsStuck extends AkkaException

    Thrown when a consistent state can't be determined within the defined retry limits.

  8. class ClusterSingletonProxy extends Actor with Stash with ActorLogging

    The ClusterSingletonProxy works together with the akka.contrib.pattern.ClusterSingletonManager to provide a distributed proxy to the singleton actor.

  9. class DistributedPubSubExtension extends Extension

  10. class DistributedPubSubMediator extends Actor with ActorLogging

    This actor manages a registry of actor references and replicates the entries to peer actors among all cluster nodes or a group of nodes tagged with a specific role.

  11. trait DistributedPubSubMessage extends Serializable

    Marker trait for remote messages with special serializer.

  12. class ReliableProxy extends Actor with LoggingFSM[State, Vector[Message]] with ReliableProxyDebugLogging

    A ReliableProxy is a means to wrap a remote actor reference in order to obtain certain improved delivery guarantees:

  13. class ShardCoordinator extends PersistentActor with ActorLogging

    Singleton coordinator that decides where to allocate shards.

  14. class ShardCoordinatorSupervisor extends Actor

  15. class ShardRegion extends Actor with ActorLogging

    This actor creates children entry actors on demand for the shards that it is told to be responsible for.

  16. class WorkList[T] extends AnyRef

    Fast, small, and dirty implementation of a linked list that removes transient work entries once they are processed.

Value Members

  1. object ClusterClient

  2. object ClusterReceptionist

  3. object ClusterReceptionistExtension extends ExtensionId[ClusterReceptionistExtension] with ExtensionIdProvider

    Extension that starts ClusterReceptionist and accompanying DistributedPubSubMediator with settings defined in config section akka.contrib.cluster.receptionist.

  4. object ClusterSharding extends ExtensionId[ClusterSharding] with ExtensionIdProvider

    This extension provides sharding functionality of actors in a cluster.

  5. object ClusterSingletonManager

  6. object ClusterSingletonProxy

  7. object DistributedPubSubExtension extends ExtensionId[DistributedPubSubExtension] with ExtensionIdProvider

    Extension that starts a DistributedPubSubMediator actor with settings defined in config section akka.contrib.cluster.pub-sub.

  8. object DistributedPubSubMediator

  9. object ReliableProxy

  10. object ShardCoordinator

  11. object ShardCoordinatorSupervisor

  12. object ShardRegion

  13. object WorkList

    Provides the utility methods and constructors to the WorkList class.

  14. package protobuf