package testconductor

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  1. trait Conductor extends AnyRef

    The conductor is the one orchestrating the test: it governs the akka.remote.testconductor.Controller’s port to which all akka.remote.testconductor.Players connect, it issues commands to their akka.remote.testconductor.NetworkFailureInjector and provides support for barriers using the akka.remote.testconductor.BarrierCoordinator.

  2. trait Player extends AnyRef

    The Player is the client component of the akka.remote.testconductor.TestConductorExt extension.

  3. case class RoleName(name: String) extends Product with Serializable

  4. class TestConductorExt extends Extension with Conductor with Player

    This binds together the akka.remote.testconductor.Conductor and akka.remote.testconductor.Player roles inside an Akka akka.actor.Extension.

  5. final class TestConductorProtocol extends AnyRef