package akka

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Type Members

  1. class AkkaException extends RuntimeException with Serializable

    Akka base Exception.

  2. class ConfigurationException extends AkkaException

    This exception is thrown when Akka detects a problem with the provided configuration

  3. trait OnlyCauseStackTrace extends AnyRef

    Mix in this trait to suppress the StackTrace for the instance of the exception but not the cause, scala.

Value Members

  1. object Main

    Main class to start an akka.actor.ActorSystem with one top level application supervisor actor.

  2. package actor

  3. package agent

  4. package camel

  5. package channels

  6. package cluster

  7. package contrib

  8. package dataflow

  9. package dispatch

  10. package event

  11. package io

  12. package japi

  13. package kernel

  14. package osgi

  15. package pattern

    This package is used as a collection point for usage patterns which involve actors, futures, etc.

  16. package remote

  17. package routing

  18. package serialization

  19. package testkit

  20. package transactor

  21. package util

  22. package zeromq

    A package object with an implicit conversion for the actor system as a convenience