package event

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Type Members

  1. trait ActorClassification extends AnyRef

    Maps ActorRefs to ActorRefs to form an EventBus where ActorRefs can listen to other ActorRefs

  2. trait ActorClassifier extends AnyRef

    Can be mixed into an EventBus to specify that the Classifier type is ActorRef

  3. trait ActorEventBus extends EventBus

    Represents an EventBus where the Subscriber type is ActorRef

  4. class BusLogging extends LoggingAdapter

    LoggingAdapter that publishes akka.event.Logging.LogEvent to event stream.

  5. class DeadLetterListener extends Actor

  6. class DummyClassForStringSources extends AnyRef

    This is a “marker” class which is inserted as originator class into akka.event.Logging.LogEvent when the string representation was supplied directly.

  7. trait EventBus extends AnyRef

    Represents the base type for EventBuses Internally has an Event type, a Classifier type and a Subscriber type

  8. class EventStream extends LoggingBus with SubchannelClassification

    An Akka EventStream is a pub-sub stream of events both system and user generated, where subscribers are ActorRefs and the channels are Classes and Events are any java.

  9. trait LogSource[-T] extends AnyRef

    This trait defines the interface to be provided by a “log source formatting rule” as used by akka.event.Logging’s apply/create method.

  10. trait LoggingAdapter extends AnyRef

    Logging wrapper to make nicer and optimize: provide template versions which evaluate .

  11. trait LoggingBus extends ActorEventBus

    This trait brings log level handling to the EventStream: it reads the log levels for the initial logging (StandardOutLogger) and the loggers & level for after-init logging, possibly keeping the StandardOutLogger enabled if it is part of the configured loggers.

  12. class LoggingReceive extends Receive

    This decorator adds invocation logging to a Receive function.

  13. trait LookupClassification extends AnyRef

    Maps Subscribers to Classifiers using equality on Classifier to store a Set of Subscribers (hence the need for compareSubscribers) Maps Events to Classifiers through the classify-method (so it knows who to publish to)

  14. trait PredicateClassifier extends AnyRef

    Can be mixed into an EventBus to specify that the Classifier type is a Function from Event to Boolean (predicate)

  15. trait ScanningClassification extends AnyRef

    Maps Classifiers to Subscribers and selects which Subscriber should receive which publication through scanning through all Subscribers through the matches(classifier, event) method

  16. trait SubchannelClassification extends AnyRef

    Classification which respects relationships between channels: subscribing to one channel automatically and idempotently subscribes to all sub-channels.

Value Members

  1. object EventStream

  2. object LogSource

    This object holds predefined formatting rules for log sources.

  3. object Logging

    Main entry point for Akka logging: log levels and message types (aka channels) defined for the main transport medium, the main event bus.

  4. object LoggingReceive

  5. object NoLogging extends LoggingAdapter

    NoLogging is a LoggingAdapter that does absolutely nothing – no logging at all.

  6. package japi

  7. package slf4j