package dispatch

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractNodeQueue[T] extends AtomicReference[Node[T]]

  2. class BalancingDispatcher extends Dispatcher

    An executor based event driven dispatcher which will try to redistribute work from busy actors to idle actors.

  3. class BalancingDispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

    Configurator for creating akka.dispatch.BalancingDispatcher.

  4. case class BoundedDequeBasedMailbox(capacity: Int, pushTimeOut: FiniteDuration) extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.BoundedDequeBasedMailbox.MessageQueue] with Product with Serializable

    BoundedDequeBasedMailbox is an bounded MailboxType, backed by a Deque.

  5. trait BoundedDequeBasedMessageQueue extends DequeBasedMessageQueue with BoundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics

    BoundedMessageQueueSemantics adds bounded semantics to a DequeBasedMessageQueue, i.

  6. trait BoundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics extends DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics with BoundedMessageQueueSemantics

  7. case class BoundedMailbox(capacity: Int, pushTimeOut: FiniteDuration) extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.BoundedMailbox.MessageQueue] with Product with Serializable

    BoundedMailbox is the default bounded MailboxType used by Akka Actors.

  8. trait BoundedMessageQueueSemantics extends AnyRef

    BoundedMessageQueueSemantics adds bounded semantics to a QueueBasedMessageQueue, i.

  9. class BoundedPriorityMailbox extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.BoundedPriorityMailbox.MessageQueue]

    BoundedPriorityMailbox is a bounded mailbox that allows for prioritization of its contents.

  10. trait BoundedQueueBasedMessageQueue extends QueueBasedMessageQueue with BoundedMessageQueueSemantics

  11. trait DequeBasedMessageQueue extends QueueBasedMessageQueue with DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics

  12. trait DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics extends AnyRef

    DequeBasedMessageQueue refines QueueBasedMessageQueue to be backed by a java.

  13. class Dispatcher extends MessageDispatcher

    The event-based Dispatcher binds a set of Actors to a thread pool backed up by a BlockingQueue.

  14. class DispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

    Configurator for creating akka.dispatch.Dispatcher.

  15. trait DispatcherPrerequisites extends AnyRef

    DispatcherPrerequisites represents useful contextual pieces when constructing a MessageDispatcher

  16. class Dispatchers extends AnyRef

    Dispatchers are to be defined in configuration to allow for tuning for different environments.

  17. final case class Envelope extends Product with Serializable

  18. abstract class ExecutorServiceConfigurator extends ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider

    An ExecutorServiceConfigurator is a class that given some prerequisites and a configuration can create instances of ExecutorService

  19. trait ExecutorServiceDelegate extends ExecutorService

    As the name says

  20. trait ExecutorServiceFactory extends AnyRef

    Function0 without the fun stuff (mostly for the sake of the Java API side of things)

  21. trait ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider extends AnyRef

    Generic way to specify an ExecutorService to a Dispatcher, create it with the given name if desired

  22. abstract class Foreach[-T] extends UnitFunctionBridge[T]

    Callback for the Future.

  23. class ForkJoinExecutorConfigurator extends ExecutorServiceConfigurator

  24. trait MailboxType extends AnyRef

    MailboxType is a factory to create MessageQueues for an optionally provided ActorContext.

  25. abstract class Mapper[-T, +R] extends AbstractFunction1[T, R]

    Callback for the Future.

  26. abstract class MessageDispatcher extends AbstractMessageDispatcher with BatchingExecutor with ExecutionContext

  27. abstract class MessageDispatcherConfigurator extends AnyRef

    Base class to be used for hooking in new dispatchers into Dispatchers.

  28. trait MessageQueue extends AnyRef

    A MessageQueue is one of the core components in forming an Akka Mailbox.

  29. case class MonitorableThreadFactory(name: String, daemonic: Boolean, contextClassLoader: Option[ClassLoader], exceptionHandler: UncaughtExceptionHandler = MonitorableThreadFactory.doNothing, counter: AtomicLong = ...) extends ThreadFactory with ForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory with Product with Serializable

  30. trait MultipleConsumerSemantics extends AnyRef

    This is a marker trait for message queues which support multiple consumers, as is required by the BalancingDispatcher.

  31. class NodeMessageQueue extends AbstractNodeQueue[Envelope] with MessageQueue with UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics

  32. abstract class OnComplete[-T] extends CallbackBridge[Try[T]]

    Callback for when a Future is completed with either failure or a success SAM (Single Abstract Method) class

  33. abstract class OnFailure extends CallbackBridge[Throwable]

    Callback for when a Future is completed with a failure SAM (Single Abstract Method) class

  34. abstract class OnSuccess[-T] extends CallbackBridge[T]

    Callback for when a Future is completed successfully SAM (Single Abstract Method) class

  35. class PinnedDispatcher extends Dispatcher

    Dedicates a unique thread for each actor passed in as reference.

  36. class PinnedDispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

    Configurator for creating akka.dispatch.PinnedDispatcher.

  37. abstract class PriorityGenerator extends Comparator[Envelope]

    A PriorityGenerator is a convenience API to create a Comparator that orders the messages of a PriorityDispatcher

  38. trait ProducesMessageQueue[T <: MessageQueue] extends AnyRef

  39. trait QueueBasedMessageQueue extends MessageQueue with MultipleConsumerSemantics

    A QueueBasedMessageQueue is a MessageQueue backed by a java.

  40. abstract class Recover[+T] extends RecoverBridge[T]

    Callback for the Future.

  41. trait RequiresMessageQueue[T] extends AnyRef

    Trait to signal that an Actor requires a certain type of message queue semantics.

  42. class SaneRejectedExecutionHandler extends RejectedExecutionHandler

    The RejectedExecutionHandler used by Akka, it improves on CallerRunsPolicy by throwing a RejectedExecutionException if the executor isShutdown.

  43. case class SingleConsumerOnlyUnboundedMailbox() extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[NodeMessageQueue] with Product with Serializable

    SingleConsumerOnlyUnboundedMailbox is a high-performance, multiple producer—single consumer, unbounded MailboxType, the only drawback is that you can't have multiple consumers, which rules out using it with BalancingDispatcher for instance.

  44. final case class TaskInvocation(eventStream: EventStream, runnable: Runnable, cleanup: () ⇒ Unit) extends Batchable with Product with Serializable

  45. case class ThreadPoolConfig(allowCorePoolTimeout: Boolean = ..., corePoolSize: Int = ..., maxPoolSize: Int = ThreadPoolConfig.defaultMaxPoolSize, threadTimeout: Duration = ThreadPoolConfig.defaultTimeout, queueFactory: () ⇒ BlockingQueue[Runnable] = ..., rejectionPolicy: RejectedExecutionHandler = ...) extends ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider with Product with Serializable

    A small configuration DSL to create ThreadPoolExecutors that can be provided as an ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider to Dispatcher

  46. case class ThreadPoolConfigBuilder(config: ThreadPoolConfig) extends Product with Serializable

    A DSL to configure and create a MessageDispatcher with a ThreadPoolExecutor

  47. class ThreadPoolExecutorConfigurator extends ExecutorServiceConfigurator

  48. case class UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox() extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox.MessageQueue] with Product with Serializable

    UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox is an unbounded MailboxType, backed by a Deque.

  49. trait UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueue extends DequeBasedMessageQueue with UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics

    UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics adds unbounded semantics to a DequeBasedMessageQueue, i.

  50. trait UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics extends DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics with UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics

  51. case class UnboundedMailbox() extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.UnboundedMailbox.MessageQueue] with Product with Serializable

    UnboundedMailbox is the default unbounded MailboxType used by Akka Actors.

  52. trait UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics extends AnyRef

    UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics adds unbounded semantics to a QueueBasedMessageQueue, i.

  53. class UnboundedPriorityMailbox extends MailboxType with ProducesMessageQueue[dispatch.UnboundedPriorityMailbox.MessageQueue]

    UnboundedPriorityMailbox is an unbounded mailbox that allows for prioritization of its contents.

  54. trait UnboundedQueueBasedMessageQueue extends QueueBasedMessageQueue with UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics

Value Members

  1. object BoundedDequeBasedMailbox extends Serializable

  2. object BoundedMailbox extends Serializable

  3. object BoundedPriorityMailbox

  4. object Dispatchers

  5. object Envelope extends Serializable

  6. object ExecutionContexts

    ExecutionContexts is the Java API for ExecutionContexts

  7. object Filter

    Java API (not recommended): Callback for the Future.

  8. object ForkJoinExecutorConfigurator

  9. object Futures

    Futures is the Java API for Futures and Promises

  10. object Mailboxes

  11. object MonitorableThreadFactory extends Serializable

  12. object PriorityGenerator

  13. object ThreadPoolConfig extends Serializable

  14. object UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox extends Serializable

  15. object UnboundedMailbox extends Serializable

  16. object UnboundedPriorityMailbox

  17. object japi

    This class contains bridge classes between Scala and Java.