package cluster

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Type Members

  1. class Cluster extends Extension

    This module is responsible cluster membership information.

  2. trait ClusterMessage extends Serializable

    Base trait for all cluster messages.

  3. trait ClusterNodeMBean extends AnyRef

    Interface for the cluster JMX MBean.

  4. abstract class ClusterScope extends Scope

    @SerialVersionUID( 1L )
  5. final class ClusterSettings extends AnyRef

  6. class JmxMetricsCollector extends MetricsCollector

    Loads JVM and system metrics through JMX monitoring beans.

  7. class Member extends Serializable

    Represents the address, current status, and roles of a cluster member node.

  8. abstract class MemberStatus extends AnyRef

    Defines the current status of a cluster member node

  9. case class Metric extends MetricNumericConverter with Product with Serializable

    Metrics key/value.

  10. trait MetricsCollector extends Closeable

    Implementations of cluster system metrics extends this trait.

  11. case class NodeMetrics(address: Address, timestamp: Long, metrics: Set[Metric] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    The snapshot of current sampled health metrics for any monitored process.

  12. class SigarMetricsCollector extends JmxMetricsCollector

    Loads metrics through Hyperic SIGAR and JMX monitoring beans.

  13. case class VectorClock(versions: TreeMap[Node, Timestamp] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    Representation of a Vector-based clock (counting clock), inspired by Lamport logical clocks.

Value Members

  1. object Cluster extends ExtensionId[Cluster] with ExtensionIdProvider

    Cluster Extension Id and factory for creating Cluster extension.

  2. object ClusterEvent

    Domain events published to the event bus.

  3. object ClusterScope extends ClusterScope with Product with Serializable

    Cluster aware scope of a akka.actor.Deploy

  4. object Member extends Serializable

    Module with factory and ordering methods for Member instances.

  5. object MemberStatus

  6. object Metric extends MetricNumericConverter with Serializable

    Factory for creating valid Metric instances.

  7. object StandardMetrics

    Definitions of the built-in standard metrics.

  8. package protobuf

  9. package routing