package channels

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. sealed trait :+:[A <: Tuple2[_, _], B <: ChannelList] extends ChannelList

  2. final class ActorRefOps extends AnyVal

  3. final class AnyOps[T] extends AnyVal

  4. class ChannelExtension extends Extension

  5. sealed trait ChannelList extends AnyRef

  6. final class ChannelRef[+T <: ChannelList] extends AnyVal

    A channel reference, holding a type list of all channels supported by the underlying actor.

  7. trait Channels[P <: ChannelList, C <: ChannelList] extends AnyRef

    Typed channels atop untyped actors.

  8. final class FutureOps[T] extends AnyVal

  9. case class NarrowingException(message: String) extends AkkaException with NoStackTrace with Product with Serializable

    This exception is used to signal errors when trying to .narrow an ActorRef into a ChannelRef: if the actor finds the requested channel types incompatible with its selfChannel, it will return errors in the same format as would occur during compilation of a ChannelRef.narrow operation.

  10. sealed trait ReplyChannels[T <: ChannelList] extends ChannelList

  11. sealed trait TNil extends ChannelList

  12. sealed trait UnknownDoNotWriteMeDown extends AnyRef

    This type is used to stand in for the unknown reply types of the fabricated sender references; users don’t need to write it down, and if they do, they know that they’re cheating (since these ref types must not escape their defining actor context).

  13. final class WrappedMessage[T <: ChannelList, LUB] extends AnyVal

Value Members

  1. object ChannelExt extends ExtensionKey[ChannelExtension]

  2. object Channels

  3. implicit def actorRefOps(ref: ActorRef): ActorRefOps

  4. implicit def anyOps[T](x: T): AnyOps[T]

  5. implicit def futureOps[T](f: Future[T]): FutureOps[T]

  6. package macros

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