package camel

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Type Members

  1. trait Activation extends AnyRef

    Activation trait that can be used to wait on activation or de-activation of Camel endpoints.

  2. class ActorNotRegisteredException extends RuntimeException

    Thrown to indicate that the actor referenced by an endpoint URI cannot be found in the actor system.

  3. class ActorRouteDefinition[T <: ProcessorDefinition[T]] extends AnyRef

    Wraps a org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition.

  4. class AkkaCamelException extends AkkaException

    An exception indicating that the exchange to the camel endpoint failed.

  5. trait Camel extends Extension with Activation

    Camel trait encapsulates the underlying camel machinery.

  6. case class CamelMessage(body: Any, headers: Map[String, Any]) extends Product with Serializable

    An immutable representation of a Camel message.

  7. class CamelSettings extends AnyRef

    Settings for the Camel Extension

  8. trait Consumer extends Actor with CamelSupport

    Mixed in by Actor implementations that consume message from Camel endpoints.

  9. trait Oneway extends Producer

    A one-way producer.

  10. trait Producer extends ProducerSupport

    Mixed in by Actor implementations to produce messages to Camel endpoints.

  11. trait ProducerSupport extends Actor with CamelSupport

    Support trait for producing messages to Camel endpoints.

Value Members

  1. object Ack extends Product with Serializable

    Positive acknowledgement message (used for application-acknowledged message receipts).

  2. object CamelExtension extends ExtensionId[Camel] with ExtensionIdProvider

    This class can be used to get hold of an instance of the Camel class bound to the actor system.

  3. object CamelMessage extends Serializable

    Companion object of CamelMessage class.

  4. package internal

  5. package javaapi

  6. implicit def toActorRouteDefinition[T <: ProcessorDefinition[T]](definition: ProcessorDefinition[T]): ActorRouteDefinition[T]

    To allow using Actors with the Camel Route DSL:

    To allow using Actors with the Camel Route DSL:


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