package akka

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Type Members

  1. class AkkaException extends RuntimeException with Serializable

    Akka base Exception.

  2. class experimental extends Annotation with StaticAnnotation

    This annotation marks a feature which is not yet considered stable and may change or be removed in a future release.

Value Members

  1. object AkkaException extends Serializable

  2. package actor

  3. package agent

  4. package config

  5. package dataflow

  6. package dispatch

  7. package event

  8. package http

  9. package japi

  10. package remote

  11. package remoteinterface

  12. package routing

  13. package security

  14. package serialization

  15. package stm

    For easily importing everything needed for STM.

  16. package testkit

  17. package transactor

  18. package util

  19. package zeromq