package dispatch

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Type Members

  1. class ActorCompletableFuture extends DefaultCompletableFuture[Any] with ForwardableChannel with ExceptionChannel[Any]

  2. class AlreadyCompletedFuture [T] extends CompletableFuture[T]

    An already completed Future is seeded with it's result at creation, is useful for when you are participating in a Future-composition but you already have a value to contribute.

  3. class BoundedExecutorDecorator extends ExecutorServiceDelegate

  4. case class BoundedMailbox (capacity: Int, pushTimeOut: Duration) extends MailboxType with Product with Serializable

  5. trait BoundedMessageQueueSemantics extends MessageQueue

  6. class BoundedPriorityMessageQueue extends BoundedBlockingQueue[MessageInvocation] with BoundedMessageQueueSemantics

  7. trait CompletableFuture [T] extends Future[T]

    Essentially this is the Promise (or write-side) of a Future (read-side).

  8. class DefaultBoundedMessageQueue extends LinkedBlockingQueue[MessageInvocation] with BoundedMessageQueueSemantics

  9. class DefaultCompletableFuture [T] extends CompletableFuture[T]

    The default concrete Future implementation.

  10. class DefaultUnboundedMessageQueue extends LinkedBlockingQueue[MessageInvocation] with UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics

  11. trait DispatcherBuilder extends AnyRef

  12. trait ExecutableMailbox extends Runnable

    This is the behavior of an ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatchers mailbox.

  13. class ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher extends MessageDispatcher

    Default settings are:

  14. class ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

  15. class ExecutorBasedEventDrivenWorkStealingDispatcher extends ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher

    An executor based event driven dispatcher which will try to redistribute work from busy actors to idle actors.

  16. class ExecutorBasedEventDrivenWorkStealingDispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

  17. trait ExecutorServiceDelegate extends ExecutorService

  18. trait Future [+T] extends Future[T]

  19. class FutureTimeoutException extends AkkaException

  20. trait LazyExecutorService extends ExecutorServiceDelegate

  21. class LazyExecutorServiceWrapper extends LazyExecutorService

  22. trait MailboxType extends AnyRef

    Mailbox configuration.

  23. trait MessageDispatcher extends AnyRef

  24. class MessageDispatcherConfigurator extends AnyRef

    Trait to be used for hooking in new dispatchers into Dispatchers.

  25. case class MessageInvocation (receiver: ActorRef, message: Any, channel: UntypedChannel) extends Product with Serializable

  26. trait MessageQueue extends AnyRef

  27. class MessageQueueAppendFailedException extends AkkaException

  28. class MonitorableThread extends Thread

  29. class MonitorableThreadFactory extends ThreadFactory

  30. class PriorityExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher extends ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher with PriorityMailbox

    A version of ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher that gives all actors registered to it a priority mailbox, prioritized according to the supplied comparator.

  31. class PriorityGenerator extends Comparator[MessageInvocation]

    A PriorityGenerator is a convenience API to create a Comparator that orders the messages of a PriorityExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher

  32. trait PriorityMailbox extends AnyRef

    Can be used to give an ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher's actors priority-enabled mailboxes

  33. class SaneRejectedExecutionHandler extends RejectedExecutionHandler

  34. case class TaskInvocation (function: () ⇒ Unit, cleanup: () ⇒ Unit) extends Runnable with Product with Serializable

  35. class ThreadBasedDispatcher extends ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher

    Dedicates a unique thread for each actor passed in as reference.

  36. case class ThreadPoolConfig (allowCorePoolTimeout: Boolean, corePoolSize: Int, maxPoolSize: Int, threadTimeout: Duration, flowHandler: FlowHandler, queueFactory: QueueFactory, daemonic: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  37. case class ThreadPoolConfigDispatcherBuilder (dispatcherFactory: (ThreadPoolConfig) ⇒ MessageDispatcher, config: ThreadPoolConfig) extends DispatcherBuilder with Product with Serializable

  38. case class UnboundedMailbox () extends MailboxType with Product with Serializable

  39. trait UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics extends MessageQueue

  40. class UnboundedPriorityMessageQueue extends PriorityBlockingQueue[MessageInvocation] with UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics

Value Members

  1. object ActorCompletableFuture extends AnyRef

  2. object Dispatchers extends AnyRef

    Scala API.

  3. object Future extends AnyRef

  4. object Futures extends AnyRef

  5. object GlobalExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcherConfigurator extends MessageDispatcherConfigurator

  6. object MessageDispatcher extends AnyRef

  7. object MonitorableThread extends AnyRef

  8. object PriorityGenerator extends AnyRef

  9. object Promise extends AnyRef

  10. object ThreadBasedDispatcher extends AnyRef

  11. object ThreadPoolConfig extends Serializable

  12. object ThreadPoolConfigDispatcherBuilder extends Serializable

  13. package japi