package marshalling

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait ContentTypeOverrider [T] extends AnyRef
  2. class EmptyValue [+T] extends AnyRef
  3. trait GenericMarshallers extends LowPriorityToResponseMarshallerImplicits
  4. trait LowPriorityToResponseMarshallerImplicits extends AnyRef
  5. class Marshal [A] extends AnyRef
  6. sealed abstract class Marshaller [-A, +B] extends AnyRef
  7. sealed trait Marshalling [+A] extends AnyRef

    Describes one possible option for marshalling a given value.

  8. trait MultipartMarshallers extends AnyRef
  9. final class NoStrictlyCompatibleElementMarshallingAvailableException [T] extends RuntimeException
  10. trait PredefinedToEntityMarshallers extends MultipartMarshallers
  11. trait PredefinedToRequestMarshallers extends AnyRef
  12. trait PredefinedToResponseMarshallers extends LowPriorityToResponseMarshallerImplicits
  13. type ToByteStringMarshaller[T] = Marshaller[T, ByteString]
  14. type ToEntityMarshaller[T] = Marshaller[T, MessageEntity]
  15. type ToHeadersAndEntityMarshaller[T] = Marshaller[T, (Seq[HttpHeader], MessageEntity)]
  16. type ToRequestMarshaller[T] = Marshaller[T, HttpRequest]
  17. trait ToResponseMarshallable extends AnyRef

    Something that can later be marshalled into a response

  18. type ToResponseMarshaller[T] = Marshaller[T, HttpResponse]

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