package stage

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractStage[-In, Out, PushD <: Directive, PullD <: Directive, Ctx <: Context[Out], LifeCtx <: LifecycleContext] extends Stage[In, Out]

  2. trait AsyncCallback[T] extends AnyRef

    An asynchronous callback holder that is attached to an AsyncContext.

  3. trait AsyncContext[Out, Ext] extends DetachedContext[Out]

    This kind of context is available to AsyncStage.

  4. sealed trait AsyncDirective extends Directive

  5. abstract class AsyncStage[In, Out, Ext] extends AbstractStage[In, Out, UpstreamDirective, DownstreamDirective, AsyncContext[Out, Ext], AsyncContext[Out, Ext]]

    This is a variant of DetachedStage that can receive asynchronous input from external sources, for example timers or Future results.

  6. sealed trait Context[Out] extends LifecycleContext

    Passed to the callback methods of PushPullStage and StatefulStage.

  7. trait DetachedContext[Out] extends Context[Out]

    Passed to the callback methods of DetachedStage.

  8. abstract class DetachedStage[In, Out] extends AbstractStage[In, Out, UpstreamDirective, DownstreamDirective, DetachedContext[Out], LifecycleContext]

    DetachedStage can be used to implement operations similar to buffer, expand and conflate.

  9. sealed trait Directive extends AnyRef

    Return type from Context methods.

  10. sealed trait DownstreamDirective extends SyncDirective

  11. sealed abstract class FreeDirective extends UpstreamDirective with DownstreamDirective with TerminationDirective with AsyncDirective

  12. trait LifecycleContext extends AnyRef

  13. abstract class PushPullStage[In, Out] extends AbstractStage[In, Out, SyncDirective, SyncDirective, Context[Out], LifecycleContext]

    PushPullStage implementations participate in 1-bounded regions.

  14. abstract class PushStage[In, Out] extends PushPullStage[In, Out]

    PushStage is a PushPullStage that always perform transitive pull by calling ctx.pull from onPull.

  15. sealed trait Stage[-In, Out] extends AnyRef

    General interface for stream transformation.

  16. abstract class StageState[In, Out] extends AnyRef

    The behavior of StatefulStage is defined by these two methods, which has the same semantics as corresponding methods in PushPullStage.

  17. abstract class StatefulStage[In, Out] extends PushPullStage[In, Out]

    StatefulStage is a PushPullStage that provides convenience to make some things easier.

  18. sealed trait SyncDirective extends Directive

  19. sealed trait TerminationDirective extends SyncDirective

  20. sealed trait UpstreamDirective extends SyncDirective