package io

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class Client extends Role

    The client is usually the side that consumes the service provided by its interlocutor.

  2. sealed abstract class ClientAuth extends AnyRef

    An SSLEngine can either demand, allow or ignore its peer’s authentication (via certificates), where Need will fail the handshake if the peer does not provide valid credentials, Want allows the peer to send credentials and verifies them if provided, and None disables peer certificate verification.

  3. sealed abstract class Closing extends AnyRef

    All streams in Akka are unidirectional: while in a complex flow graph data may flow in multiple directions these individual flows are independent from each other.

  4. sealed abstract class EagerClose extends Closing

    see Closing

  5. sealed abstract class IgnoreBoth extends Closing

    see Closing

  6. sealed abstract class IgnoreCancel extends Closing

    see Closing

  7. sealed abstract class IgnoreComplete extends Closing

    see Closing

  8. case class NegotiateNewSession(enabledCipherSuites: Option[Seq[String]], enabledProtocols: Option[Seq[String]], clientAuth: Option[ClientAuth], sslParameters: Option[SSLParameters]) extends SslTlsOutbound with Product with Serializable

    Initiate a new session negotiation.

  9. sealed abstract class Role extends AnyRef

  10. case class SendBytes(bytes: ByteString) extends SslTlsOutbound with Product with Serializable

    Send the given akka.util.ByteString across the encrypted session to the peer.

  11. sealed abstract class Server extends Role

    The server is usually the side the provides the service to its interlocutor.

  12. case class SessionBytes(session: SSLSession, bytes: ByteString) extends SslTlsInbound with Product with Serializable

    Plaintext bytes emitted by the SSLEngine are received over one specific encryption session and this class bundles the bytes with the SSLSession object.

  13. sealed abstract class SessionTruncated extends SslTlsInbound

    If the underlying transport is closed before the final TLS closure command is received from the peer then the SSLEngine will throw an SSLException that warns about possible truncation attacks.

  14. sealed trait SslTlsInbound extends AnyRef

    This is the supertype of all messages that the SslTls stage emits on the plaintext side.

  15. sealed trait SslTlsOutbound extends AnyRef

    This is the supertype of all messages that the SslTls stage accepts on its plaintext side.

Value Members

  1. object Client extends Client with Product with Serializable

  2. object ClientAuth

  3. object Closing

  4. object EagerClose extends EagerClose with Product with Serializable

  5. object Framing

  6. object IgnoreBoth extends IgnoreBoth with Product with Serializable

  7. object IgnoreCancel extends IgnoreCancel with Product with Serializable

  8. object IgnoreComplete extends IgnoreComplete with Product with Serializable

  9. object Implicits

    Provides implicit conversions such that sources and sinks contained within akka.stream.io as if they were defined on Source or Sink directly.

  10. object InputStreamSource

  11. object NegotiateNewSession extends NegotiateNewSession

  12. object OutputStreamSink

    Sink which writes incoming ByteStrings to the given OutputStream.

  13. object Role

    Many protocols are asymmetric and distinguish between the client and the server, where the latter listens passively for messages and the former actively initiates the exchange.

  14. object Server extends Server with Product with Serializable

  15. object SessionTruncated extends SessionTruncated with Product with Serializable

  16. object SslTls

    Stream cipher support based upon JSSE.

  17. object SslTlsPlacebo

    This object holds simple wrapping BidiFlow implementations that can be used instead of SslTls when no encryption is desired.

  18. object SynchronousFileSink

    Sink which writes incoming ByteStrings to the given file

  19. object SynchronousFileSource