package directives

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Type Members

  1. trait AuthenticationDirective[T] extends Directive1[T]

  2. trait BasicDirectives extends AnyRef

  3. trait CacheConditionDirectives extends AnyRef

  4. trait CodingDirectives extends AnyRef

  5. trait CompleteOrRecoverWithMagnet extends AnyRef

  6. trait ContentTypeResolver extends AnyRef

  7. trait CookieDirectives extends AnyRef

  8. trait DebuggingDirectives extends AnyRef

  9. case class DirectoryListing(path: String, isRoot: Boolean, files: Seq[File]) extends Product with Serializable

  10. trait ExecutionDirectives extends AnyRef

  11. trait FileAndResourceDirectives extends AnyRef

  12. trait FormFieldDirectives extends ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  13. trait FutureDirectives extends AnyRef

  14. trait HeaderDirectives extends AnyRef

  15. trait HostDirectives extends AnyRef

  16. case class LogEntry(obj: Any, level: LogLevel = akka.event.Logging.DebugLevel) extends Product with Serializable

  17. case class LoggingMagnet[T](f: (LoggingAdapter) ⇒ T) extends Product with Serializable

  18. trait MarshallingDirectives extends AnyRef

  19. trait MethodDirectives extends AnyRef

  20. trait MiscDirectives extends AnyRef

  21. trait OnSuccessMagnet extends AnyRef

  22. trait ParameterDirectives extends ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  23. trait PathDirectives extends PathMatchers with ImplicitPathMatcherConstruction with ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  24. trait RangeDirectives extends AnyRef

  25. trait RespondWithDirectives extends AnyRef

  26. trait RouteDirectives extends AnyRef

  27. trait SchemeDirectives extends AnyRef

  28. trait SecurityDirectives extends AnyRef

    Provides directives for securing an inner route using the standard Http authentication headers `WWW-Authenticate` and Authorization.

  29. sealed trait UserCredentials extends AnyRef

    Represents authentication credentials supplied with a request.

  30. trait WebsocketDirectives extends AnyRef