package model

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait BodyPartEntity extends HttpEntity with javadsl.model.BodyPartEntity

  2. sealed trait ByteContentRange extends javadsl.model.ContentRange with ContentRange

  3. sealed trait ContentRange extends javadsl.model.ContentRange with ValueRenderable

  4. abstract case class ContentType extends javadsl.model.ContentType with ValueRenderable with Product with Serializable

  5. final case class ContentTypeRange(mediaRange: MediaRange, charsetRange: HttpCharsetRange) extends ValueRenderable with Product with Serializable

  6. final case class DateTime extends javadsl.model.DateTime with Ordered[DateTime] with Renderable with Product with Serializable

    Immutable, fast and efficient Date + Time implementation without any dependencies.

  7. case class EntityStreamException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  8. final case class ErrorInfo(summary: String = "", detail: String = "") extends Product with Serializable

    Two-level model of error information.

  9. abstract class ExceptionWithErrorInfo extends RuntimeException

    Marker for exceptions that provide an ErrorInfo

  10. final case class FormData(fields: Query) extends Product with Serializable

    Simple model for application/x-www-form-urlencoded form data.

  11. final case class HttpCharset extends javadsl.model.HttpCharset with SingletonValueRenderable with WithQValue[HttpCharsetRange] with Product with Serializable

  12. sealed abstract class HttpCharsetRange extends javadsl.model.HttpCharsetRange with ValueRenderable with WithQValue[HttpCharsetRange]

    A charset range as encountered in Accept-Charset.

  13. sealed trait HttpEntity extends javadsl.model.HttpEntity

    Models the entity (aka "body" or "content) of an HTTP message.

  14. abstract class HttpHeader extends javadsl.model.HttpHeader with ToStringRenderable

    The model of an HTTP header.

  15. sealed trait HttpMessage extends javadsl.model.HttpMessage

    Common base class of HttpRequest and HttpResponse.

  16. final case class HttpMethod extends javadsl.model.HttpMethod with SingletonValueRenderable with Product with Serializable

    The method of an HTTP request.

  17. final case class HttpProtocol extends javadsl.model.HttpProtocol with SingletonValueRenderable with Product with Serializable

    The protocol of an HTTP message

  18. final case class HttpRequest(method: HttpMethod = HttpMethods.GET, uri: Uri = Uri./, headers: Seq[HttpHeader] = immutable.this.Nil, entity: RequestEntity = HttpEntity.Empty, protocol: HttpProtocol = HttpProtocols.HTTP/1.1) extends javadsl.model.HttpRequest with HttpMessage with Product with Serializable

    The immutable model HTTP request model.

  19. final case class HttpResponse(status: StatusCode = StatusCodes.OK, headers: Seq[HttpHeader] = immutable.this.Nil, entity: ResponseEntity = HttpEntity.Empty, protocol: HttpProtocol = HttpProtocols.HTTP/1.1) extends javadsl.model.HttpResponse with HttpMessage with Product with Serializable

    The immutable HTTP response model.

  20. case class IllegalHeaderException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  21. case class IllegalRequestException(info: ErrorInfo, status: ClientError) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  22. case class IllegalResponseException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  23. case class IllegalUriException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  24. case class InvalidContentLengthException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  25. sealed abstract class MediaRange extends javadsl.model.MediaRange with Renderable with WithQValue[MediaRange]

  26. sealed abstract case class MediaType extends javadsl.model.MediaType with LazyValueBytesRenderable with WithQValue[MediaRange] with Product with Serializable

  27. type MessageEntity = RequestEntity

    An entity that can be used for every HttpMessage, i.

    An entity that can be used for every HttpMessage, i.e. for requests and responses.

  28. trait Multipart extends AnyRef

  29. class MultipartMediaType extends MediaType

  30. sealed abstract class NonMultipartMediaType extends MediaType

  31. case class ParsingException(info: ErrorInfo) extends ExceptionWithErrorInfo with Product with Serializable

  32. sealed abstract class RemoteAddress extends javadsl.model.RemoteAddress with ValueRenderable

  33. sealed trait RequestEntity extends HttpEntity with javadsl.model.RequestEntity with ResponseEntity

  34. case class RequestTimeoutException(request: HttpRequest, message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

  35. sealed trait ResponseEntity extends HttpEntity with javadsl.model.ResponseEntity

  36. sealed abstract class StatusCode extends javadsl.model.StatusCode with LazyValueBytesRenderable

    The result status code of an HTTP response.

  37. sealed abstract class TransferEncoding extends javadsl.model.TransferEncoding with Renderable

  38. sealed trait UniversalEntity extends javadsl.model.UniversalEntity with MessageEntity with BodyPartEntity

  39. sealed abstract case class Uri(scheme: String, authority: Authority, path: Path, query: Query, fragment: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    An immutable model of an internet URI as defined by http://tools.

  40. abstract class UriJavaAccessor extends AnyRef


  41. trait WithQValue[T] extends AnyRef

    Helper trait for objects that allow creating new instances with a modified qValue.

Value Members

  1. object ContentRange

  2. object ContentType extends Serializable

  3. object ContentTypeRange extends Serializable

  4. object ContentTypes

  5. object DateTime extends Serializable

  6. object EntityStreamException extends Serializable

  7. object ErrorInfo extends Serializable

  8. object FormData extends Serializable

  9. object HttpCharset extends Serializable

  10. object HttpCharsetRange

  11. object HttpCharsets extends ObjectRegistry[String, HttpCharset]

  12. object HttpEntity

  13. object HttpHeader

  14. object HttpMessage

  15. object HttpMethod extends Serializable

  16. object HttpMethods extends ObjectRegistry[String, HttpMethod]

  17. object HttpProtocols extends ObjectRegistry[String, HttpProtocol]

  18. object HttpRequest extends Serializable

  19. object IllegalHeaderException extends Serializable

  20. object IllegalRequestException extends Serializable

  21. object IllegalResponseException extends Serializable

  22. object IllegalUriException extends Serializable

  23. object InvalidContentLengthException extends Serializable

  24. object MediaRange

  25. object MediaRanges extends ObjectRegistry[String, MediaRange]

  26. object MediaType extends Serializable

  27. object MediaTypes extends ObjectRegistry[(String, String), MediaType]

  28. object Multipart

  29. object ParsingException extends Serializable

  30. object RemoteAddress

  31. object StatusCode

  32. object StatusCodes extends ObjectRegistry[Int, StatusCode]

  33. object TransferEncodings

  34. object Uri extends Serializable

  35. object UriJavaAccessor


  36. object UriRendering

  37. package headers

  38. package ws

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