package common

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Type Members

  1. class NameDefaultReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  2. class NameDefaultUnmarshallerReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  3. class NameOptionReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  4. class NameOptionUnmarshallerReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  5. class NameReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  6. class NameUnmarshallerReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  7. class RepeatedValueReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  8. class RepeatedValueUnmarshallerReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  9. class RequiredValueReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  10. class RequiredValueUnmarshallerReceptacle[T] extends AnyRef

  11. sealed abstract class StrictForm extends AnyRef

    Read-only abstraction on top of application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart form data, allowing joint unmarshalling access to either kind, **if** you supply both, a FromStringUnmarshaller as well as a FromEntityUnmarshaller for the target type T.

Value Members

  1. object StrictForm

  2. object ToNameReceptacleEnhancements extends ToNameReceptacleEnhancements