package values

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Type Members

  1. trait BasicUserCredentials extends AnyRef

    Represents existing or missing HTTP Basic authentication credentials.

  2. abstract class Cookie extends AnyRef

  3. trait FormField[T] extends RequestVal[T]

  4. trait Header[T <: HttpHeader] extends AnyRef

  5. abstract class HttpBasicAuthenticator[T] extends AbstractDirective with ExtractionImplBase[T] with RequestVal[T]

    Implement this class to provide an HTTP Basic authentication check.

  6. trait Parameter[T] extends RequestVal[T]

    A RequestVal representing a query parameter of type T.

  7. trait PathMatcher[T] extends RequestVal[T]

    A PathMatcher is used to match the (yet unmatched) URI path of incoming requests.

Value Members

  1. object Cookies

  2. object FormFields

  3. object Headers

  4. object Parameters

    A collection of predefined parameters.

  5. object PathMatchers

    A collection of predefined path matchers.