package directives

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Type Members

  1. abstract class BasicDirectives extends BasicDirectivesBase

  2. abstract class BasicDirectivesBase extends AnyRef

  3. abstract class CacheConditionDirectives extends BasicDirectives

  4. abstract class CodingDirectives extends CacheConditionDirectives

  5. trait ContentTypeResolver extends AnyRef

    Implement this interface to provide a custom mapping from a file name to a ContentType.

  6. abstract class CookieDirectives extends CodingDirectives

  7. abstract class ExecutionDirectives extends CookieDirectives

  8. abstract class FileAndResourceDirectives extends ExecutionDirectives

  9. trait FileAndResourceRoute extends Route

    Allows to customize one of the predefined routes of FileAndResourceRoute to respond with a particular content type.

  10. abstract class HostDirectives extends FileAndResourceDirectives

  11. abstract class MethodDirectives extends HostDirectives

  12. abstract class MiscDirectives extends MethodDirectives

  13. abstract class PathDirectives extends MiscDirectives

  14. abstract class RangeDirectives extends PathDirectives

  15. abstract class SchemeDirectives extends RangeDirectives

  16. case class StaticContentTypeResolver(contentType: ContentType) extends ContentTypeResolver with Product with Serializable

    A resolver that assumes the given constant ContentType for all files.

  17. abstract class WebsocketDirectives extends SchemeDirectives

Value Members

  1. object FileAndResourceRoute