package model

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Type Members

  1. trait BodyPartEntity extends HttpEntity

  2. abstract class ChunkStreamPart extends AnyRef

  3. abstract class ContentRange extends AnyRef

  4. abstract class ContentType extends AnyRef

  5. abstract class DateTime extends AnyRef

  6. abstract class Host extends AnyRef

  7. abstract class HttpCharset extends AnyRef

  8. abstract class HttpCharsetRange extends AnyRef

  9. final class HttpCharsetRanges extends AnyRef

  10. final class HttpCharsets extends AnyRef

  11. final class HttpEntities extends AnyRef

  12. trait HttpEntity extends AnyRef

  13. abstract class HttpEntityChunked extends RequestEntity with ResponseEntity

  14. abstract class HttpEntityCloseDelimited extends ResponseEntity

  15. abstract class HttpEntityDefault extends BodyPartEntity with RequestEntity with ResponseEntity

  16. abstract class HttpEntityIndefiniteLength extends BodyPartEntity

  17. abstract class HttpEntityStrict extends BodyPartEntity with RequestEntity with ResponseEntity

  18. abstract class HttpHeader extends AnyRef

  19. trait HttpMessage extends AnyRef

  20. abstract class HttpMethod extends AnyRef

  21. final class HttpMethods extends AnyRef

  22. abstract class HttpProtocol extends AnyRef

  23. final class HttpProtocols extends AnyRef

  24. abstract class HttpRequest extends HttpMessage with MessageTransformations[HttpRequest]

  25. abstract class HttpResponse extends HttpMessage with MessageTransformations[HttpResponse]

  26. abstract class MediaRange extends AnyRef

  27. final class MediaRanges extends AnyRef

  28. abstract class MediaType extends AnyRef

  29. abstract class MediaTypes extends AnyRef

  30. abstract class RemoteAddress extends AnyRef

  31. trait RequestEntity extends ResponseEntity

  32. trait ResponseEntity extends HttpEntity

  33. abstract class StatusCode extends AnyRef

  34. final class StatusCodes extends AnyRef

  35. abstract class TransferEncoding extends AnyRef

  36. final class TransferEncodings extends AnyRef

  37. trait UniversalEntity extends RequestEntity with ResponseEntity with BodyPartEntity

  38. abstract class Uri extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. package headers

  2. package ws